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M a r k e t i n g



"I'm working as an artist, but I'm having trouble getting my name recognition up."

"I'm having trouble getting more views on YouTube and streams on Spotify."

I've seen a lot of artists who have this problem.
I myself am a composer and release my own songs, so how can I create my own songs?
I've been thinking, worrying, and practicing various things to see if many people can listen to it.

Among the measures that I have implemented with my marketing colleagues, I have confidence in the measures
We will provide it. Let me help you get your wonderful music heard by many people around the world.




Please contact us from the Contact page. We will contact you within 3 business days. It may end up in your spam folder, so if you think you haven't received a reply after about 3 days, please check your spam folder.



We will listen to the artist's current troubles and requests such as what kind of activity you want to do in the future.


Strategy planning

Based on the artist's request and past achievements, the marketing team will create a strategy and plan.


Plan/price presentation

Once the detailed plan is completed, we will present the plan and price.

Marketing list