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Entrepreneur who lives in France and graduated from a music college. In her early 20s, she has a versatile career as a designer, web writer, and SNS marketer. Her Instagram photos and Twitter tweets offer a glimpse of her sparkling sense of style.

Horun Yamamoto

classical composer. marketing consultant. He participated in the launch of a new marketing SaaS business due to his unusual background as a graduate of the Italian National Conservatory. He has clients both in Japan and overseas, and is also involved in the group’s new recruit training and public relations activities. Over 100 corporate marketing support achievements. He has never touched a brass instrument because of his metal allergy.

Yusuke Sekito

HipHop DJ, current consulting company president. He lives with rabbits and is trusted by everyone for his calm personality, while at the same time he has a calm and composed mind. In his private life, he competes daily in online ranking battles to become a Pokémon Master.

Daisuke”D.I”Imai (Supervisor)

Music producer. He has provided and produced numerous songs for famous major artists. He won the Gold Record Award, 9 gold discs and 13 platinum discs. He is also a Beat Maker who provides beats to domestic and foreign artists. He is a Shiba Inu lover who dotes on his beloved dog, Kuroshiba.

Yuichi Kameyama (Supervisor)

CEO of CG production company LEON STUDIO. General video producer and branding producer involved in many famous animations. He is also well versed in music. He loves lattes and is devoted to maintaining the latte machine. At first glance, he is a dandy, but he also has a mischievous side where he won’t stop talking.


My main job is SE guitarist. When he was a student, he happened to see Freddie Mercury on TV and was shocked, and since then he has deepened his knowledge of UK rock. He is very modest, saying that his many hobbies such as web development, DIY, and electronic work are just poor dexterity.

Nobuteru Suzuki (Web Director & Engineer)

Web director of A bientot representative.
Supervised the production of this site.
He is working every day aiming to acquire the latest technology. The goal is to live comfortably in the Metaverse/Web3 era.
No sunlight or crowds.